Why your digital branding is U.G.L.Y


When was the last time you changed something about your branding? Every small business experiences the same branding routine; they spend countless hours and dollars developing their branding during their start-up phase, followed by the laborious integration into all of their marketing platforms, before waiting for the customers to respond positively. However, the issue small businesses face with their branding is how quickly the trends change, and how quickly the branding can look out of date and redundant. We discuss why your digital branding needs a makeover now, and the reasons your online appearance isn’t winning you any customers.

Can you remember your last branding update?

If you’re scratching your head wondering what year you created your digital logo, website and marketing brand, chances are it was too long ago. Despite your ‘classic’ look, and a branding style you’ve become extremely attached to, customers won’t engage with what seems like an out of date, antiquated business. Digital branding is subject to continually evolving trends, more so than any other aspect of a business, and it doesn’t take long for your branding to be superseded by modern fonts, colours and stylising of the spacing and layout.

Have your inquiries and sales slowed down?

There are numerous reasons why small businesses experience downturns and loss of their usual customer flow. Though some slumps are predictable, such as the quiet time over the new year, or industry peaks and troughs, other reasons can seem somewhat unexplainable. In the case of your digital marketing, rebranding can help give your business an immediate boost to falling sales, refocusing the customer attention positively back to the business, and attracting new customers at the same time. Your branding change may help streamline the introduction of new product lines, promote unpopular services, or appeal to a specific customer demographic.

Is the competition stronger?

When you research your competition, it’s impossible to ignore the rise of attractive, modern branded businesses, biting at your heels. Though we like to think our business will survive the introduction of smartly branded competitors, it doesn’t take long for your customers to engage with them, try them out, and be won over by their product or service. Your digital branding is an area of your business that’s easy to be competitive with; it’s far easier to change parts of your digital branding rather than entire business overhauls, such as staff, service, product or location changes.

Do you need to rebrand intentionally?

Small businesses aren’t immune to the widespread word of mouth reviews, both positive and negative. In the case of one negative review, a small business can lose their credibility and client base almost overnight, destroying the business, reliable sales and the hard built reputation. Digital rebranding is an essential component to review when intentionally changing the perception of the business; this overhaul signifies positive change with your customer, as well as a new sense of identity.

Digital makeover Melbourne

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