How To Fix Your Shitty Marketing

small business marketing

Which of these best describes your feelings about marketing?

1. Disillusioned
2. Overwhelmed
3. Stressed

If your answer is any or all of the above, this article is for you.

For many small businesses, marketing can be a black hole. Success appears to be the privilege of companies with deep pockets. Although technology has enabled small businesses to be more sophisticated in their marketing, that coveted ROI is a mirage more than a reality for some. With technology in a constant state of change, small businesses will increasingly find the climb to profitable marketing steeper.

Wherever you are in your marketing journey, if you are encountering strong headwinds, we encourage you to take a step back. Calling a truce in your battle with marketing will be your most effective step. It will, in the least, relieve you of the feelings above.

In this article, we will share the 3Cs of marketing to get your marketing journey back on track. While they may not produce immediate results, the sustainability of your business may possibly depend on them.

1. Creativity

Before we had access to digital technology, marketing was perceived to be exclusive to big global brands. If you didn’t have a marketing war chest, success was potentially limited. This has somewhat changed.

Indeed social and digital marketing technology has made it easier to amplify a brand’s uniqueness. But it does not create it. The prerogative of identifying that uniqueness remains yours.

Unless your target audience is convinced your offer is different, they will not be moved. But with a deep appreciation of them, you are well placed to identify a gap, which can be an unserved or under-served need. Once identified, your next task is to creatively serve that need.

2. Clarity

If you suffer from shiny-object-syndrome, marketing may pose a big challenge.

In a competitive business environment, you will be exposed to an army of ideas. Each appears as forceful as the other. You may be drawn to consider and implement them. But instead of success, failure ensues. Why?

The reason this happens is the absence of clarity in your business and marketing. Clarity is everything in life, and without it, getting lost in the noise and clutter of business may well happen.

Starting a business is easy. A click-and-a-swipe and you’re ready to go. But to ensure your business is viable, it must serve a need. This requires a detailed analysis of your target audience and the problems they need solving. Once you have established that, all your effort must be directed towards it, including your marketing. This is the clarity of purpose that must exist.

3. Consistency

Marketing to influence takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. The good news is with clarity, consistency can be achieved. Every touchpoint, for example, will communicate the same brand story.

With time, consistency will create the desired brand association. In addition, if you are able to deliver the promises, you’ll gain credibility. This is the root of your marketing success.