How To Become A Snapchat Influencer Without Getting Naked

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Snapchat has over 188 million daily users, giving you 188 million reasons to advertise your business on the popular platform. The main perk about advertising on Snapchat is the target demographic. In 2018, 71% of Snapchat users were under 34 years old, with Snapchat acting as a direct link to the millennial consumer. Snapchat users spend over 30 minutes a day on the app, so why not have these millennial trendsetters bask in the glory of your awesome products? []

Here are 5 marketing tips to help your products become the next Snapchat sensation:

1. Know your audience with Snapchat Insights

Identifying and finding your target demographic will help you make more sales. It sounds simple enough, but there is still a huge amount of businesses that fail because they struggle to find their audience. Who is your audience? What do they want? These simple questions are just the tip of the iceberg. If you are struggling to know the age of your audience, their demographic, location and unique characteristics, use Snapchat Insights to see who is watching your content. Watch your viewer count skyrocket over weeks, months and years. See your audience’s location, age, gender and interests, as well as how long they watched your content for. You can also count your dreaded drop-off rate and any screenshots taken.

2. Create and share exceptional content

Each snap that you share is connected to your business, so make sure they are on-brand. The best Snapchat stories follow a typical narrative arc: rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. They are humorous, suspenseful or educational. To help retain viewer attention, engage them with questions, polls or interviews. Keep it light, amusing and real.

3. Build your audience

It can be hard to build an audience on Snapchat, so it is important that your business market its Snapchat presence on your website, in email signatures, in newsletters, via advertisements and at any event booths. You never know where your potential Snapchat audience is hiding. Use the Snapchat QR code to make accessing your business story easier.

4. Measure your Snapchat results

Use Snapchat analytics to see which of your stories are going viral and what times of the day are best for posting content. You will have access to a snapshot of unique views, view times, completion rates, fall-off rates and the main demographic viewing your Snapchat stories. Using Snapchat analytics gives you an edge over your competitors because it shows you exactly who you are marketing to and what content is working for you, so you can snap up future sales easier and faster.

5. Try Snapchat Ads

Like most large social media platforms, you can use Snapchat to place ads to attract more followers to sell to. You can also create sponsored lenses for viewer snaps showcasing your brand, and sponsored and on-demand geofilters to have your ads playing worldwide or in a specific country, city or town.

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