Why Your Ugly Website Might Need A Makeover

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Have your website visitor numbers been dropping? Are you having trouble holding on to customers or securing new ones? The problem could be an outdated website. Get ready to look 10/10 online with a digital makeover. Here are the top six reasons your website needs a revamp.

#1 Increase visitor numbers

To attract more potential customers to your business’s website, you need to understand their browsing habits. As almost everybody owns a smartphone, browsing and purchasing is mainly done on mobile devices. To ensure you don’t miss out on any sales, create a mobile responsive website. Your website will load quickly and easily, exposing you to an abundance of new customers.

#2 Prevent comparison shopping

Before purchasing online, many people like to research other sites to find the best deal. The best way to ensure your small business is not bypassed is making your website look as inviting and fresh as possible. Make your website visually appealing, and offer plenty of information on your products and services. This will prevent customers from shopping elsewhere.

#3 Increase sales

Years ago, small businesses were content with websites that resembled brochures. However, this approach is no longer effective. With a professionally designed website, you will see your sales dramatically increase. The reasons for this include:

• First-time visitors and return customers will spend longer on your website
• Finding the information they need, they’ll be inclined to make purchases on the spot, and;
• If customers are pleased with the experience, they’ll recommend your website to friends and family.

#4 Improve your Google search rankings

The best way to ensure you’re quickly found on a Google search is to update your website. The “freshness” of your webpages heavily influences the site’s overall ranking. When ranking search results, Google favours more recently updated websites over others. So, if you haven’t updated the information on your site (i.e. blog posts, content, appearance, etc.) for months, its Google ranking will drop.

#5 Complement a shifting business focus

As your business grows, your focus will undoubtedly change. For example, you may expand your range of products and services, or you may even have a new customer base to target. Ensure the look of your website and the information you provide reflects your customers’ wants and needs, as well as the direction your small business is heading.

Also, make sure the company information on your site is up to date. This information includes details like bios on new employees, new credentials, updated contact information and your current address, phone number and email address.

#6 Enhance site structure with SEO

Making simple changes to the structure of your website will vastly improve the effectiveness of your SEO. To make your website SEO friendly, change the page names, image names, meta tags and content to include the keywords your target audience is most likely to search for.

To experience the benefits of a digital makeover, call or email our expert team today. At Promotr, we’re committed to helping small businesses go big.