Tips To Improve Your Crappy Marketing

marketing trend

In 2020, we expect more breakthroughs in marketing technology. Some are already taking root. While not all will be relevant or applicable to small businesses, it is important to take note of them. Let’s take a closer look at those that can work for your business.

1. Let’s get personal

It’s the marketing buzz of 2019 that will explode in 2020 and beyond – personalization. In a survey of 1000 consumers reported in Marketing Week, 4 in 5 consumers indicated they would recline towards a business that offers them a personalized experience. After all, your business is one of several courting them.

To be heard in the noisy digital marketing space, brands must embrace a granular approach in their outreach effort. A well-executed segmentation exercise is the starting point. With an up-close-and-personal understanding of your target audience, you’ll be able to deliver messages unique to a specific segment.

2. Contextualized content

Today, there are 3.7 billion users of social media. Whilst it is still possible to record good eye-ball scores, it doesn’t always lead to engagement, which is the ultimate goal of using content marketing. So, how do you create engagement?

Not every content can convince and convert. To ensure yours do, know what’s hot and in before you begin to work on your content. Putting out generic content is only adding to the noise. Far damaging is the negative impact it might leave on your brand’s digital reputation.

Do not jump on the content bandwagon because it is there. Do your research to create the context for your content. Define the sphere of influence your content will help you build.

3. Shoppable social media posts

Social media is a big part of our lives now – Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. They have risen from being sources of information and knowledge to shopping platforms. Consumers can click on a post to buy what they’re reading or looking at. This has certainly shortened the sales cycle dramatically.

However, it does not necessarily mean people have become more impulsive in their purchase behaviour. Quality of the content, or post, matters. Reviewing content is an essential part of the buyer’s journey. To this end, Google’s ranking schema prioritizes the quality of content.

4. Rise of marketing interaction and participation

9 in 10 B2B customers prefer content that is visual and interactive. The latter includes quizzes and assessments. It shows customers immediately want to put to the test what they’ve learned from the content. This increases engagement and potentially raises interest as well.

In the B2C space, thanks to social media, we see consumer participation in marketing rising too. From feedback to suggestions, consumers can freely share their feelings and opinions. It is important they are properly channelled, responded to and used.

2020 promises to be another thrilling year in social and digital media marketing. The ride will be full of sharp turns and climbs with an uncertain global economic outlook. Connect with Promotr to learn how we’ll ride it with you.