How We Can Help Your Shitty Business

small business marketing

If you own a small business, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about how you can promote your business as the big guys do. If only you could go viral. If only you could afford billboard advertising or sporting sponsorships. However, affordable small business marketing can still compete with what multimillion-dollar worldwide companies are doing. And you probably already have everything you need for awesome affordable marketing. Here are four ways Promotr can help your small business go big.

Emotional connection

If you look at the marketing big businesses are doing, they are spending a lot of time trying to engage personally with their customers. Business is all about the experience as we become less attached to commercialised products. Experiences can be shared with family and friends, they can be retold, and it is in this retelling that your business’ word of mouth advertising takes effect. As a small business, you’re already able to make an emotional connection with your customers because you are your business. You are the one developing the products or providing the services. You are the one there on early mornings or late nights. You are the one answering the emails. You already have an emotional connection with every part of your business, so start sharing it with your customers.

Be part of the conversation

Don’t be afraid to piggyback onto a current conversation or event. This is where having a regular plan for your blogging and social media posting can help. You will then be able to align your messages with Christmas or the Super Bowl for example and leverage already popular hashtags and conversations. On a smaller scale get involved in your local community. Sponsor a local sporting team or host a fundraiser for your favourite charity.

Be authentic

Authenticity is something else big businesses are constantly striving to emulate in their marketing messages, and which you already have in spades. You are able to tell personal stories, startup woes or share the reasons behind certain products. Your small business already has a human face, so let your customers see it.

Business branding

A marketing strategy you should take note of from the big guys is planning. When your business is ready for a digital makeover, work with a dedicated small business marketing agency in Melbourne who can develop and implement a comprehensive plan. Every marketing message must be intentional and link back to your business’ branding. Your business’ branding is your identity, the feeling people get when they work with you, the reason you’re in business. Your brand identity should be present in everything you do, and this will ensure that all the other parts of your small business marketing really do help you punch above your weight with the big guys.

Therefore, if you’re ready to leverage all the things that make your small business special and turn this into an awesome digital marketing campaign, contact Promotr now to work with an experienced marketing agency local to Melbourne, who will be with you every step of the way.