How to use keywords to make sure people are actually finding you

keila hotzel lFmuWU0tv4M unsplash - How to use keywords to make sure people are actually finding you

Do you have a kick-ass (or even a mediocre) website that your potential customers just aren’t finding? Is it because your customers just don’t know what to search for? No, it isn’t! It’s your fault dummy! You need to make sure that your website incorporates keywords that your customers are actually searching for so your site organically appears much higher on potential customers’ searches. This will provide them with helpful content and ultimately make you more money!

Researching keywords

The first part of using keywords is to understand what your relevant keywords are, and that is going to require some research. The first thing you can do is pull out the keywords that have been working for your business in the past. Pull out important words and phrases that appeared in any successful marketing campaign or web-pages that get a lot of traffic, and run them through a keyword program. You want to identify what people are searching for and tailor your online presence to that. You don’t necessarily need to go for the most searched words around, there is great value in niche, but making sure that there are people out there searching for what’s on your website is pretty important.

Keywords in your home page

Your home page is the first thing a lot of your customers will see, so it needs to be absolutely PERFECT in terms of the keywords that you’re using. It really is about clarity, because it is your chance to explain who you are and what you do in the clearest, most succinct and most minimal way. You know how short people’s attention spans are in the age off the internet so KEEP IT SHORT! And utilise your keyword research to keep it relevant to what people are searching for as well.

Keywords in your product or service pages

This one borders on stupidly obvious but you actually need to do it. Create a separate web page for each of your products and services, even if you aren’t selling online. Make sure that each page is populated with searchable keywords, which will mean that a customer scouring the web for your specific product or service is much more likely to actually be able to find you! This includes the titles and the descriptions. Utilise your research again to see what people are searching around your product to see if you can hone in on keywords that will bring more people in.

Keywords in your blog

Blogs feel so 2000’s right? Wrong! Company blogs contain a hidden power, and that is to get you clicks by utilising long-tail keywords, which are basically phrases that reflect the way people actually search. Be honest, it isn’t just boomers who google in full questions, it’s all of us sometimes, and writing blog posts that answer relevant questions that your potential customers might have, not only helps them out, it also drive clicks and sales. Blogs build trust, showcase your brand as knowledgeable and active in the space, and allow more people to find you. You’re reading one right now, sucker!

If you need help utilising keywords to optimise your web presence, get in touch with us. At Promotr, we help small businesses go big, in an affordable and effective way!