Smart Things Your Competitors Are Doing That You’re Stupidly Not

Increase customer blog - Smart Things Your Competitors Are Doing That You're Stupidly Not

We live in a data-driven world. With the Internet of Things, everything can be done online. As a result, we live behind a digital foot trail. Scrutinizing the data will allow marketers, amongst others, to be very targeted in their marketing effort, minimizing wastage.

Welcome to the age of big data! Size of your business isn’t important in the world. Small business marketing can leverage the power of data, the nucleus of every business’ digital marketing strategy. Success comes to businesses that have set themselves up well to apply it. In this article, we share 3 tips small businesses can apply for their big data debut.

1. Ditch papers!

It’s time to live in the clouds. The rise of cloud computing has facilitated the collection and storage of massive amounts of data. Almost every interaction with your prospects and customers can be recorded, stored and analyzed without lifting a pen!

For example, your invoice contains a lot more information than the amount due, if it’s issued digitally. From the time it leaves your accounting software, the trail of data can reveal when it was opened, when it was paid, how was it paid, which financial institution was used – all from a single invoice! It’s up to you to use it appropriately.

2. Data storing

Like most businesses today, you probably have numerous data interaction points with customers. If you have embarked on a social and digital marketing strategy, you’ve built a vast data resource to mine. Views, clicks, downloads and follow-up emails are just the tip of the iceberg. These can be massive in themselves. And that’s from one marketing campaign!

Data indigestion is not uncommon. It can retard the growth of a business. The massive amount of data at a business’ disposal can be overwhelming. Trying to harvest them all is courting danger, if not impossible. A good practice is to store them. Today, this isn’t a major problem. In fact, over the last few years, data storage has come with comprehensive security systems too. By and large, your data is safe. This is assuring as you will be collecting loads of data from hereon!

3. A data culture

Digital hasn’t replaced human involvement and thinking. In fact, digital unleashes human creativity even more. To this end, the sharing of data within the organization is key. Getting the full picture from it is like assembling Lego blocks. Keeping some of the blocks away will only result in an incomplete creation.

With a strong data culture, sharing of data across the organization enriches it. It will shed light on possibilities, or dangers lurking ahead. The creation of a strong data culture comes from the top. Done well, it will trickle down to everyone one in the organization. A vibrant data culture follows.

Digitizing your business needs a clear and detailed roadmap. With the possibilities technology offers, confusion reigns. But you should not be discouraged by these factors. Its data or bust! Connect with us to learn how we can help.