How to guarantee clicks for your landing page

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Did you know there are landing pages with conversion rates 10% or higher? (1) With hundreds of templates available out there, it’s easy to just pick and choose. But before you start filling in the blanks, it’s good to be mindful of best practices in landing page design. It’ll help your landing page look 10/10 online.

1. Be comfortable with white spaces

You don’t need to use every square inch of the landing page design. Australians spend 5 hours and 34 minutes a day online (2). The last thing anyone would want to look at is a landing page filled with words, images and other visuals from side to side, top to bottom! Think of white spaces as room to breathe for readers. They are integral to the overall look and feel of the landing page. When readers are confronted with well ‘designed’ white spaces, the message and call-to-action may appear less pushy and salesy.

2. Be strategic with your CTA

“Buy now”, “Call us today” or “Download this guide” are commonly used CTAs in small business marketing. Do not leave the crafting of your CTA to last, it’s important for CTAs to be relevant and seamless to the copy you’ve used. “Buy now!” doesn’t seem to be consistent with a copy focused on giving advice on how to grow your financial asset portfolio, does it? Every CTA must be focused on the benefit of the offer.

3. Be prudent in asking for personal details

Most people have grown weary of sharing their personal details. Abuse and misuse are increasingly common. Hence, it’s important you do not scare visitors away by asking for personal details deemed irrelevant to the context of your landing page and offer. Being prudent in asking for personal details is a good practice.

4. Be mobile-friendly

People spend an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes on their mobile phones per day (3). When taking into account the use of other personal devices, like tablets and smartwatches, the amount of time spent looking at screens is potentially higher. As such, it makes perfect sense for your landing page to be mobile-friendly; it’s a huge loss of opportunity if you do not do so.

5. Be A/B wise

Do A/B testing of your landing page designs. The beauty of digital marketing is you can change anything on the fly. Take advantage of this feature to increase the effectiveness of your landing page. Every piece of information gained can help you create the perfect landing page.

A well-designed landing page generates clicks and can leave a good impression of your brand. To learn how you can apply these best practices, speak to a consultant today.