Tips To Make Sure Your Digital Marketing Is On Point

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Pre-social and digital marketing days, it wasn’t uncommon for brands to update their marketing collaterals regularly. It’s part of the strategy to remain relevant and competitive. Today, good brand housekeeping includes social and digital marketing strategy too. With brand trust driven by positive social media interaction as well, ensuring your strategy is in step with prevailing social marketing dynamics is important.

For a start, building a social and digital marketing strategy dashboard is good practice. At all times, you will have an overarching view of its effectiveness in driving growth. Apart from ensuring it is working as planned, it’ll help in deciding if a digital marketing makeover is needed. So, what should be on this dashboard?

1. Your Google ranking

If you can’t be found when people Google It!, chances are you’ve fallen off the radar. The world congregates on Google in the search for anything and everything. It is truly the Mall of The Planet. With the cost of ‘leasing a shop space’ on it unlikely to break the bank, there’ll always be a new competitor.

When you’ve fallen off the radar, it is highly probable that your brand or business is trailing in what’s a hot or new race. In the past, it was possible to hold onto a position for long. But the connected consumer is always on the lookout for something new and interesting. It may not necessarily be the product or service itself; it could be how things are done and delivered. Had any of the ride-sharing businesses ignored passenger safety concerns, they could have come to a premature end, so don’t let bad reviews or lack of engaging content compromise your business’ future.

2. Conversations without conversions

As any salesperson knows, nothing can be more frustrating than a presumably promising conversation that doesn’t end in conversion. Your landing page may be generating traffic and even downloads of your eBook or White Paper, but it stops there. It’s increasingly difficult to get prospects into the advanced stages of the nurturing stream.

There can be a multitude of issues at play. But unless you start diagnosing the possibilities by looking at the metrics and where customs drop out of your sales funnel, you’ll never know where the faultlines are. Whether it is your copy, content or customer engagement process, you’ve got to start somewhere.

3. Your website is a digital trampoline

One of the drawbacks of the digital age is we have become impatient. It’s the power of now. Like a one-to-one conversation, we expect an immediate response to a question or remark. If your website doesn’t load or respond fast enough, it’s a good reason for a visitor to scroll or swipe away. It is a technical issue that can be addressed easily and quickly.

Having a clear vision of your social and digital marketing strategy is imperative. It has to remain competitive for your business to flourish. So put your strategy to the test and connect here to learn more.