Why TF aren’t your customers finding you???

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Whether for a bricks and mortar store, or when using an online presence, one fact remains constant: you and your customers need to find each other. Although this may be a physical location, first contact will increasingly come through your website or social media presence. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some small business marketing techniques to help your customers find your business.

Making a match, in a business sense, is not so different from a personal profile for a dating agency. Your aim is to present your small business in an attractive way, one that encourages potential customers to get to know you. From this starting point, unless you are simply selling a one-off product or service, the key is then to build a relationship.

The first key is to find potential customers

To achieve this, you need to know just what they are looking for. Then you can present your company as a way of meeting those needs, wants or even desires. We’re talking about internet searches, or perhaps direct mail activities, here. Concentrating on the former, the key is to understand what your potential customers are seeking, and then highlight this in the information that Google, for example, will present.

If you sell bespoke wedding dresses, then the search term used could simply be ‘wedding dresses’. However, this might also be tied to a specific geographical area. Therefore, simply adding your location can help you win their interest.

However, should you be offering plumbing services, then the search input might be ’emergency leak in (location)’ or ‘blocked toilet’. The search may simply identify the problem. Your information should then tie this to the wanted solution.

Appreciating how potential customers search for you, or might react to a direct mail or social media posting, is the first key towards gaining them as a regular buyer or user of your products or services.

The second key is to retain searchers

If the first step has been successfully completed, then let the battle for their custom begin. Of course, ‘battle’ is an inappropriate term to use. In that scenario you want the other party to run away! Here you need them to stay with you.

Through a search, or other activity, a potential customer has landed at your website. What they expect to see should be specifically related to their reason for being there. Unfortunately, too many simply find a generic homepage, listing many areas of a small business that might not interest them, as well as, hopefully, the one that does!

In this case, they might have spent moments searching for the nugget of gold amongst way too much silt. Then, bored or frustrated, they leave and try elsewhere. It’s so easy to lose potential customers you didn’t even know about.

Using landing pages, specifically targeted to one of your key products or services, means instant connection with that potential customer, and on their own terms.

How to effectively promote your small business

Helping you to achieve the above connection is just one part of the awesome small business marketing services delivered by our talented Promotr team, based here in Melbourne. Talk to us now about positioning your company just where – and how – those potential customers are likely to be seeking you out…