Here’s Some Advice To Kick-start Your 2020 Marketing Efforts

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If you’re anything like us, you’re probably excited to wave goodbye to the 2010s and welcome in a new decade. 2020 looks set to be a dynamic year in the marketing world, and we’re very keen to start helping small businesses hone their strategies in what is an increasingly competitive field.

So, before you set your out of office email and get ready for the Christmas holidays, we’ve put together a helpful list of marketing tips to ensure your 2020 marketing strategy starts with a bang.

1. Think about the story you are trying to tell

Regardless of the sector you’re working in, you need to build a strong brand identity in order to stay competitive in today’s crowded marketplace. Customers love it when brands have a story to tell and can demonstrate a set of great central values. For example, if your company has an unusual or particularly heart-warming story behind its founding, let people know! Set about telling the story of your brand and its people through social media, blogs, and any other channels you wish to use. You may be surprised at how quickly this can encourage people to warm to your company and for sales to grow.

2. Invest in some shoppable posts

Selling goods and services directly through social platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest is becoming an increasingly popular tactic. As well as showing products directly to customers on their newsfeeds, shoppable posts allow users to purchase these items without even having to leave the social media site. What could be more convenient?

If you still need convincing, remember that social media is becoming increasingly difficult to use effectively thanks to the sheer amount of content that gets posted every day. Getting on board with strategies such as shoppable posts in 2020 will help you to stand out from the crowd.

3. Get on board with voice-optimised search

More and more of us are using voice search applications on our phones and devices to conduct online research. Whether we’re looking for our nearest restaurant or want to find out where to get our keys cut, voice search offers a very quick and easy way to obtain some good solutions.

For small businesses hoping to stay competitive, therefore, it is a good idea to start optimising content for voice search. It could be designed to fit a Q&A format, for example, or could include keywords that people tend to use in their everyday language.

4. Improving chatbots

Chatbots have been around for a while now and customers are getting used to using them. In 2020, chatbots should be sophisticated enough to answer basic queries as well as to funnel more complex enquiries to the relevant team members or departments. Indeed, a major issue with chatbots has historically been their inefficiency and potential to alienate customers. By improving your chatbots and ensuring that they are capable of dealing with complex issues, your customer satisfaction levels should go up dramatically.

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