Why You’re Losing Customers By Not Using Social Media

Canadian Instagram Stars 1 - Why You're Losing Customers By Not Using Social Media

If you are reading this article, more than likely your Melbourne-based small business is living in the dark ages, relying on the conventional marketing methods, such as an old-school flyer drop, to market your business. Or perhaps your business has social media and you aren’t seeing the benefits everyone else raves about. Sound familiar?

When it comes to the foundations of any good, affordable small business marketing strategy, you simply cannot neglect social media marketing. In this article we will demonstrate why social media should form the cornerstone of your small business marketing strategy, and why you can build a profitable business simply from leveraging these platforms.

Budget-friendly marketing

There has never been such an awesome yet affordable marketing avenue as social media ever in the past, outside of word of mouth marketing.

To register to any of the platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) is completely free, and to transform your personal account into a business account is easy as clicking a button. Social media advertising, promoted posts and targeted ads aren’t free, however, you can begin an effective campaign with a very little start-up.

Doubling your customer service potential

If you think your social media presence is simply to promote your products or rave about how good your next launch is, then you are using social media completely wrong. What many big international businesses can show small businesses, in Melbourne, is how effective social media accounts can act as real-time, in touch customer service departments. By responding to customer questions through comments, direct messages, and live videos, you can resolve issues instantly, keeping the customer happy.

Social media is also a tool where you can pre-emptively address potential concerns before they arise, simply by dedicating specific content just to answering FAQs or concerns about your business. Many brands label these as ‘everyone has been asking’ or ‘you may want to know’ or ‘PSA’ posts.

Online-only content

There are many unique ways to utilise your social media presence to create brand loyalty and exclusivity between you and your customer, ways that other marketing methods don’t allow you to explore. Social media flash sales, exclusive discounts, preview sales, and pre-order options can be run exclusively through your social media accounts, rewarding your followers and boosting sales in the process.

Hang out with your customers

Before social media, brands would have to rely on foot traffic to their business, someone recommending their service, or a spot in the phone book. Now, a brand can be in front of customers 24/7, long after the physical store has closed and the owners are fast asleep, simply by utilising a social media presence.

This place online is where your customer hangs out; this is where they interact with friends, find out the news, and discover businesses like yours. A social media presence is your chance to discover what they want, what they like, how they shop, and be with them all day, every day.

Establishing and asserting your Melbourne-based social media presence can seem daunting to begin with, especially as the competition is thick and highly developed. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help your small business go big-time online!