Are you being a f*ckwit about your website copy?

art critic

You may feel that these are two occupations with very little in common – and you’re probably right! Each requires a different skill set, but this is an interesting way of looking at your web presence. Too often, a small business owner might have one talent and not another – and their website can reflect this by being less effective than it should be. Let’s examine both skills in more detail…

The website and the art critic

To be effective, the critic will spend some time looking at the work – crucially from both different distances and angles. Yet some artists paint with their noses almost touching the canvas, failing to take the crucial step back to the distance their audience will first catch sight of their work.

This can also be a fault when a small business creates their own website. Owners are looking from the inside-out – yet those they are trying to connect with view it from entirely the opposite direction.

A design that appeals to those working inside a company may mean much less to those who are potential users of their products or services. This means it can be effective to have ‘outside eyes’ pass comment, or make suggestions. Like a critic, they come to the website with a lack of insider knowledge, and can, therefore, examine it more dispassionately.

The website and the proofreader

Moving from the appearance to the content, the better ‘critic’ in such circumstances can be the proofreader. At a basic level, proof-readers examine copy and check for any spelling, grammatical or typographical errors. It’s also important to assess whether the copy makes sense and is of value to potential customers. Again, there can be a danger, from the inside of a business, of content saying what that company wants to tell people about their products or services. Conversely, the potential customer is much more interested in what either can achieve for them – self-interest best expressed in the phrase: ‘What’s in it for me?’

The proofreader should also consider whether the use of in-business jargon can inadvertently switch-off those it’s trying to attract. Many people who might make use of a small business are nowhere near as expert as those within it. Another fault can be to fail to provide enough information, as those creating the copy can take much about their company for granted.

Back to the art critic

Imagine that this person, examining a painting, would allow their eye to take a journey through the work, to best assess exactly what it’s trying to say. With a website, this equates to ensuring that those visiting it can easily work through it to get to the endpoint that the small business wants them to reach – making contact, purchasing online, and so on.

Partnering-up to gain these skills

The team at Promotr – our small business marketing agency here in Melbourne – offer the skills mentioned above, bringing both vital fresh-eyes and step-back expertise. Working with our clients, we match their business insights with our promotional skills.

Our joint goal is to deliver superbly-effective web creation and awesome affordable marketing outcomes. Contact us now to see how we can work well together.