Content Marketing Mistakes That You Better Not Be Making

content marketing

Content marketing costs 62% less than conventional marketing approaches but generates 3 times as many leads. You’re probably aware of these statistics. In fact, we reckon you’re already on it, producing content to create the relationship, authority and trust that come with an effective content marketing strategy. Unfortunately, your cash register isn’t ringing. Why?

1. Who is it for?

It’s Marketing 101. Unless you have a deep appreciation of your target audience, you can’t have content that will resonate well with them. You risk missing the point as well as your brand stature in the minds of the target audience. Effective content marketing comes with precision in your targeting.

2. Wrong tone of voice

Personalization is big in social and digital media marketing. Nobody wants to be treated as just another digit. So, be mindful of your content’s tone of voice. For example, using B2C language, which tends to be less formal and more casual can be construed by B2B customers as frivolous. You may not be treated seriously.

3. They’re not here!

The most popular medium may not be where your target audience is. If you’re wondering why your content has not reached them, it’s probably because that’s not where they hangout. Regardless of how good your content is, it will never reach them. Do research to identify the channels where your target audience are likely to be.

4. Poor quality content

Do not put out content because everyone’s doing it. Your content must serve a purpose. It must answer a question the target audience has. In addition, it has to be presented in a way that captures their attention and compels them to watch or read. Do not overlook the fact that the internet is overloaded with content.

5. What’s the strategy?

A reason for poor quality content is the absence of a strategy. It’s like writing a good book or producing a Hollywood blockbuster. It must have a plot, storyline, interesting characters and an end. A good content strategy ensures you have a great story to tell your target audience, one they can identify with easily.

6. But it’s not an ad!

It takes about 6 months for content marketing to work. Do not expect immediate sales. And do not try to bridge this wait time by throwing in a sales pitch. You will turn them off! Content marketing is designed to build a relationship, nurture trust and demonstrate your authority in the specific field. Only these will convince and convert, not “Buy now to avoid disappointment!”

7. Be SEO conscious

Well-produced content that fails to be SEO conscious is like a well done-up retail store with no signs to direct customers to it. You’ll not have visitors. There are a few SEO best practices you need to adhere to. Effective keywords, meta description, tags and headlines – they are like the mall directory to help customers find you.

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