Why Going Viral Can Kinda Suck

social media

Unlike a virus in the real world which can often be tracked down to patient zero and their risk factors, there is no formula for going viral online. So before you put all of your small business’ marketing efforts into a viral campaign, consider that viral may not actually be the look you’re going for.

1 – Viral content isn’t cheap and easy

Yes, there are viral posts and videos that have been created using free tools in a matter of minutes. However, most viral content is heavily orchestrated, planned and produced and that doesn’t come cheap. Promotr is focussed on helping you get the best bang for your small business marketing buck, no matter how small that buck is. So before you sick big money into trying to go viral, consider the other reasons it may not be worth it.

2 – A lot of people hear viral content, but they don’t really listen

Creating viral content and a viral message can generate likes, shares and comments but does that convert to sales? In most cases, viral content doesn’t have a reasonable return on investment because the message is too broad. Consider the times you’ve liked or watched a viral video. What did you do afterwards? Do you even remember its content? With viral content, you’re achieving quantity over quality. When you’re looking for awesome affordable marketing, can you really afford for that marketing to not convert to sales?

3 – Small business social media marketing is about relationships

If you want your customers to listen to you, you need to listen to them too. Social media engagement is great and makes you feel great when you check your notifications. However, a viral number of likes doesn’t lead to a long-term customer-brand relationship. Social media marketing requires commitment and time to reap rewards. You need to be carefully analysing those likes and where they came from. You need to be reading and writing considered responses to all the comments you receive. And you need to adjust, change and constantly evolve your message to meet your customers’ needs, ideals, thoughts and interests. None of this relationship-building can be achieved in one fell swoop of a viral campaign.

4 – Viral content isn’t a quick fix

Just because one piece of your content goes viral it doesn’t mean your small business is set to make it big and stay there. Attracting viral numbers of likes and views doesn’t necessarily attract eyeballs to the rest of your content. In fact, most of the people who like a viral piece of content may never visit its source website.

5 – Viral content makes it easy to forget your message

When you are focussed on creating content with mass appeal, it is easy for forget your business’ individual message. The most important part of any small business marketing campaign is authenticity. If your customer like, know and trust you they will take the risk in investing in your product and service. Therefore, instead of aiming to appeal to the masses, remember the meaning and the message behind why you started your business and your digital marketing will attract qualified customers who will be with you for life.